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Hi!  I'm Cornelia!

I guess you can say I’m a modern day hippie. I love everything ‘boho’.   While my roots are in the Midwest, my soul is in California.  I have always been an adventure seeker, traveler and addicted to palm trees and sunshine.

I have always had a creative heart, being a Singer a yoga instructor and spending most of my professional career in film production industry.  After losing a job, is when i first started creating my own 'art' with jewelry making.  I loved mixing beads and textures.  I sat at local farmers market with a small card table in the warm summer sun.  Until they told me... you need to have a tent.  So I bought a tent and came back the next week.  My booths grew, my customers grew and my vision grew.  While I still love to make and design jewelry pieces I soon fell in love with macrame.   I stumbled upon a workshop early in 2017 and was instantly hooked.   The knotting became another form of meditation for me.  But I will admit my favorite part is when I get to hear the stories of macrame past.   When a passerby glances over and sees my display and their eyes light up, I just know they have a story for me and that the macrame is bringing back some good memories.  

Right now I work out of my home.  I hope to continue spending as much time in California as I can during those cold Midwest winter months inspiration with all the creativeness in the air there, being part of amazing creative growth right here in South Chicago and NWI.